Soultions on how to import GXP files

With the update to iOS 13, some of you had issues importing GPX files of existing tracks. The problem is, that Maps 3D is not appearing in the list of apps when tapping on a GPX file.

This is a known iOS 13 bug from Apple.
First, please update to iOS 13.2 and restart your iPhone.
if this doesn't help, one solution is to offload all but one (Maps 3D) of the apps that can import GPX.
Another thing, that helped many users is to install the free Maps 3D app.
Of course, you can still copy GPX files into the Maps 3D folder via iTunes.

If you want to reinstall Maps 3D, please make a manual copy of all the files in the Maps 3D folder that you can access vie iTuens when your iPhone is connected to your PC or Mac.
After reinstalling Maps 3D, simply copy all ths back into place and you saved all your tracks and waypoints.Maps have to reloaded, as it is not possible to backup this amount of data.

Don't hesitate to get on touch via email in case of questions around this process.

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