Route planning - made easy

Ever thought about buying an expensive GPS device? For a fraction of the price, with Maps 3D for your iPhone you get everything you need for when you're outdoors. At the same time, Maps 3D utilizes all the strengths of your iPhone and iPad: the integrated GPS receiver, the large, high-res display, mobile Internet access and social-media functionality.
Maps 3D is designed for any outdoor activity where you need a map. The app detects your exact position, calculates your altitude and shows you where you are on the map together with a compass. But that's not all: Maps 3D even calculates routes to your destination, guides you to points of interest and waypoints, plus it provides you with all the key stats on the route that's been covered so far whenever you need them. You really don't need to pack any other device.

Maps 3D - Everything you need outdoors.